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INNOVIS, s.r.o., founded in 2014, is a start-up company formed by researchers co-working at the Faculty of Economics, at the Technical University of Kosice. The company´s creation was inspired by the expertise and experience gained within European Framework Programs and other research projects conducted by the company´s team. Based on our expertise, our vision is to transfer elements of scientific excellence gainedat an international level into various business services to support the organizations´ processes management and decision making. Our main domains are public and private procurement, supply chains, electronic marketplaces, standardization, exchange of electronic business documents, analytical and decision support tools, etc.

Our products


ERANET Public is a web-based software product for management of public procurement processes designed for any institution that has to run a procurement procedure according National Act on Public Procurement. Its first version covers the Slovak public procurement legislative conditions (Act 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement), although it is planned to include other countries' specific requirements.

ERANET Public covers the whole process of public procurement starting with planning phase and preparation phase, through tendering and ending with contracting phase. The main purpose of the product is to simplify the public procurement processes, avoid administrative mistakes and missing on the obligatory deadlines, and to raise effectiveness and transparency of public procurement. The product can be connected via web-services with any other specific application (internal or external) including various electronic reverse auction system, bookkeeping software, inventory management system, etc..

For more information, please visit: www.eranet.sk

ERANET Public screen

Public Procurement

Public institutions and municipalities (mainly small and medium sized) faces lack of knowledge and expertise when it comes to procurement of products and services. These institutions/municipalities usually do not form teams of experienced professional buyers resulting in problems with inefficient product/service parameters definition to fulfil institution's needs, and later on problems with running the public procurement process in line with national acts on public procurement.

Our team offers expertise to help public institutions and municipalities with processes of public procurement in both mentioned problems. At first step, we provide analyses of institution's needs in order to optimally specify the parameters of products/services to be procured. Secondly, we provide support in running the public procurement procedure according to Slovak National Act on Public Procurement (Act 25/2006 Coll. on Public Procurement).

Innovation Procurement (PPI, PCP)

Public Procurement of Innovation and Pre-Commercial Procurement both can lead to scientific and technological breakthroughs in many different areas (e.g. health and well-being, food independence and security, sustainable agriculture or green and efficient energy.

Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is the process where public authorities procure products and services that are innovative. Typically these products and services are not yet available (or very close to it) on a commercial basis on a given market and public authority acts as a lunch customer.

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is not about procuring the innovative products and services but rather focused on the procurement of R&D services. PCP represents a phased approached for purchasing R&D services with the aim of future innovative solutions before they are commercially available. PCP involves multiple suppliers competing against each other through different development phases of innovative solutions. The risks and benefits are shared between the procurers and the suppliers under market conditions.

Our company has been at the birth of a very first platform supporting the whole process of PCP electronically. We are working closely with the various stakeholders in Italy (e.g. Region Puglia or City of Palermo) where the deployment of this platform is intended. We also provide consultant services and training for public procurers that decide to launch a PCP on their own.

Business Analytics

Nowadays, information technologies become a part of our everyday life. This trend has a strong effect on the amount of data (Big Data) generated by information systems. This data can provide very useful look into the organization, its processes as well as interesting patterns describing customers’ behavior, if processed correctly. Many organizations, however, struggle to get any information from this data, since the structure and the amount of the data is often overwhelming.

Our company has an extensive expertise in data analysis and design & development of analytical tools for effective monitoring and support of decision making at different organizations’ levels. Our main interest is in procurement processes (both private and public organizations), where adoption of new electronic services (e.g. e-tenders, e-auctions) is very popular. We help organizations to determine the optimal procurement strategies by adopting various data mining techniques on the historical data.

Business Incubators

Business incubator is value adding service organization aimed to foster the care of a new company at an early stage with the aim to increase its chances for surviving and enhance the growth potential via providing comprehensive and integrated range of business development services.

Key value proposition of any business incubator is to assist members of startup with launching a new enterprise, foster its development, support in overcoming obstacles and reducing risks, thus, increasing its chances for success and building successful company. It typically includes a workstation with the main facilities (printing, internet connectivity, etc.), and opportunity to discuss new business ideas with the senior experts in order to better define their business plan. Networking and marketing services and fund raising assistance are just one of many additional services provided by business incubators.

Our team has a long-term experience designing complex electronic services for Eastern Slovakia University Science Park – TECHNICOM that aims to stimulate, develop and provide support for mainly applied research, implement effective knowledge transfer, products and technology transfer between universities, research institutions and companies. Kielce Technology Park (KTP) is another partner organization from Poland that we have very strong relations and working closely when it comes to the international projects.


The concept of Crowdfunding has been around for centuries, but just a few years ago people started to formally recognize it and think about it as an alternative to classic sources of venture capital. Generally, Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by asking individuals to fund, often in small amounts, a specific business venture or cause, while the whole presentation and communication is usually online. The contributions can be as small as 1 EUR, or much larger - thousands or even millions of euros.

There are numerous Crowdfunding platforms, moderating organizations, where consumers can safely ask for or donate money. While each site offers their unique process, the general concept is the same across the globe - project initiator asks for the funds by sharing his project with the pubic as well as their friends, family by social networks features. Instead of traditional investors, Crowdfunding campaigns are funded by the general public. Typically, most successful projects receive about 25-40% of their revenue from their first, second and third degree of connections. This can include friends, family, work acquaintances, or anyone that the project initiator is connected to.

Design and development of electronic services, awareness rising as well as cross-border cooperation, for the Crowdfunding concept, are the main activities our company deals with.

Living Labs

Most innovations that have real market impact come from gaps between an existing product and customers’ expectations. This process, however, is not straightforward and for some SMEs can be even hard to achieve due to the limited resources and lack of needed competencies. Living Labs is a concept to support the innovation processes of user-driven ICT systems for all involved stakeholders: ranging from manufacturers to end-users, having a special attention to SMEs and their potential users. Living Lab is not a laboratory experiment or just an abstract concept; it is an environment that is situated in real world context.

Our company has broad experience in setting-up and launching such environments, being at the birth of one of the very first Living Labs in Slovakia - Smart Procurement Environment (SPE). Thanks to our expertise, we maintain excellent relationship with our international partners striving to transfer scientific knowledge and best-practices in order to serve our clients the best and up-to-date solutions.

Rural Development

With over 56 % of the population in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) living in rural areas, which cover 91 % of the territory, rural areas and their development has become one of the crucial challenges nowadays. Farming and forestry remain crucial for land use and the management of natural resources in the EU's rural areas, and as a platform for economic diversification in rural communities. In rural areas there are small farmer’s mainly, struggling with the weak consumption of their products. The major problem of their, is to bring their products to the market and reach consumers as the "big players" dominate on the agro market.

Representatives of Technical University of Kosice as a leading research organization in Eastern Slovakia along with Kosice Self-governing Region as a regional authority and the provider of electronic services – INNOVIS, s.r.o. work closely on the strategy for local "agro market place" bringing together local farmers and merchants and citizens living in Eastern Slovakia.

Tourism Technology

The modern tourism is influenced by the new The Digital Era that requires tourism organisations and destinations to use Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and adopt e-Tourism innovations to strengthen their competitiveness. As ICTs have become a part of all areas of everyday life, customers asking for higher quality products and services lay emphasis on new electronic tools with the aim of getting the highest possible value for their money. Thus, being online is a must for any efficient and successful organization nowadays.

Our company provides development of the strategies and tools based on ICTs with focus on business value (e.g. e-Commerce and e-Marketing, e-HRM, e-Procurement, e-Planning and e-Management) bringing tourism organisations to the higher competitiveness on a market. We have also participated in developing an online reputation tool for tourist destinations analysing mostly UGC “user-generated contents” (e.g. social networks, wikis, blogs, etc.) combined with the professional portal in the field of tourism (e.g. Tripadvisor, booking.com, etc.). Along with the application of artificial intelligence techniques (e.g. data mining and sentiment analysis) we delivered a complex tool for online reputation management.

Our team

Mojmír Prídavok

Mojmír is Chief Executive Officer providing strategic planning and leadership to meet corporate’s goals and visions.

František Janke

František is Chief Operating Officer taking care of daily activities; he bridges the gap between the operational and strategic actions within our team.

Miroslava Packová

Miroslava has very deep knowledge of procurement processes and she is the one providing individual assistance to our customers.


Martin works as a domain expert and project manager making sure that all the activities are run smoothly and successfully.


Peter is a project manager with great experience in the field of information systems implementation and management.


Tino is a senior developer and technical lead. He and his team give birth to our new technologies and corporate applications.


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